Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Gr. 3 - Talent Pictures

  Sharing of Gifts and Talents

Hello Parents and Students,

A big thank you to those students who shared a talent in Music class today. 
All the talents were fun to watch and we could tell that the students really enjoyed their chosen activity. 
Thank you for an excellent year of Music. See you in September!
Mrs. Martin

Our piano students: Kai, Isaac, Michelle, Taylor, Isabel and Anya
Our singers: Ethan, Peter, Ore, Lulya, Natalia, Uyi, Jacquelyn, Champ,
Audrey, Arianna, Keatyn, Ella and Irelynn
Our Hula Hoopers: Yasmine, Dasha, Varvara and Reecy

Other talents: Oliver and Nathan(Magic), Hayden(puppet), Woye(soccer)

Taylor and Michelle

Addy (Yoga poses)

Keaton, Ella and Irelynn (Singing "Our God")

Yasmine (Hula)


Hayden (puppetry)

Dara (Singing "Giants Fall")

Champ and Jacquelyn (The Cup Song)

Nathan (magic trick)

Peter Singing "Lord of the Dance"

Reecy - Ballet/traditional Chinese dance


Natalia, Ore, Lulya and Uyi - Singing

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