Friday, 2 September 2016

September Music News

Division One Music Program - Taught by Mrs. Martin
The goal of the Music program is to teach students the elements of music through singing, playing, creating, moving and listening. Kindergarten to Gr. 3 students will receive two classes in the music room on days 1, 3 or 5 as well as a group hymn sing on Day 5 in the afternoon.

Students will be engaged in singing (by themselves and in groups), using hand-signs (developed by Kodaly) to show pitch, utilizing Orff instruments in solo and group ensembles, playing games, learning dances, as well as creating and responding to all genres of music.  Reading and writing music, in tune and part-singing, instrumental skills, composition, and the enjoyment of music are the concepts woven into the lessons. 
The Music program is enhanced by school-wide presentations and liturgical celebrations. Students will also have opportunities to perform, both informally and in concert settings. 
Music education is incredibly important to the overall development of a child. At St. Brigid School, students have the opportunity to participate in Music classes, the choir program, and Hymn Sing, where they practice learned singing skills and repertoire. 


The St. Brigid Junior Choir will begin in late October for all students who love to sing in Grades 2 and 3. It is an extra-curricular activity, which requires dedication and a responsible attitude as well as a great deal of energy and enthusiasm. Practices will be held every Day 3 @ 12:30 pm. Students who normally go home for lunch will need to bring a lunch on Day 3. Parents of interested students should look for a choir information and permission note going home after Thanksgiving.  Our first choir practice will be on Friday, October 28th. 

Looking forward to a fun-filled year of music!
Musically yours,
Mrs. M. Martin

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