Wednesday, 12 April 2017

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Our Audience

Our Emcees - Karen and Hannah (Gr. 5)

On Friday. April 7th we "resurrected" our Talent Show and what a show it was! It included 40 acts with over 60 students from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The majority of our talent this year were pianists, singers and instrumentalists (3/4 of our show) which certainly highlighted our passion for Music. Other acts included: gymnastics, martial arts and dance. Students auditioned over a period of 4 days with callbacks on Day 5. The majority of auditions were from Grades 3, 4 and 5 but we were pleasantly surprised to have 6 kindergarten students perform - way to go Kinders!


Jacob, Justin, Lukus and Matthew

We were fortunate to have 5 JH students participate and it's important to celebrate these role models. Therefore, I would like to give a shout out to: Bella who performed a lovely self-composed song while playing the ukulele, Dominico who played the beautiful song "Hallelujah" on the violin, Olivia sang a pretty ballad called, "Can't Help Falling in Love with You", Colleen dazzled us with her piano skills and Tamara showed us Serbian dancing along with her sister.

Bella - Gr. 9

Dominico - Gr. 8

Olivia - Gr. 7

Colleen - Gr. 7

Tamara - Gr. 7 and her sister Tiana
For next year's show, we hope to have more JH student participation as I encouraged the band students to showcase their individual instrument or even put together some smaller ensembles. I also challenged the older students to take advantage of the Lip Sync option (no one did this year!). If we have some promising acts next year, I mentioned that maybe the teachers could put something together too! Can't wait to see what they (and us) can come up with!

Located below are more photos of student acts who were equally as good. I apologize if I was not able to get every participant as many were blurry to their movement. Luckily, Ms. Berry took still photos of each participant for the yearbook.
Marit - Gr. 5

Juliana and Sophia - Gr. 1

Michelle and Felix (Gr.3 and Gr. 1)

Alexia - Gr.2 and Ella - Gr. 3

Champ - Gr. 3

Kai and Grayson - Gr. 3

Lulya, Uyi, Ore and Audrey  - Gr. 3

Taylor - Gr. 3

Ed - Gr. 6
Kadence - Gr. 5

Violet - Gr. 4

Clive and his sister Claudel

Abiola - Gr. 5

Varvara and Dasha - Gr. 3

Enzo - Gr. 4

Sanduni - Gr. 4

Raven and Emma - Gr. 5

Anna and Alyssa - Gr. 2

Gabriel - Gr. 3

Eden - Gr. 4

Some tips for next year's auditions:
  • All acts must be kept to 1 minute in order to feature as many students as possible
  • Choose songs with clean lyrics and which are appropriate for your age
  • Singers should not use the original sound track as it drowns out your voice; acapella (without any music) certainly focuses on the student's voice and allows us to hear it effectively. 
  • Do you have a talent for magic? Comedy? Rap? Poetry? Share these talents too!
  • Practice, practice and practice! A talent is rehearsed and not something you put together at the last minute.

Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents!
Mrs. Martin (and Ms Ellis)