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Infinitus Presentation


OCTOBER 19, 2016

Grade 6 student comments:
  • They were humorous story tellers and their sound effects were cool.
  • I thought the strings were boring in the past, now I don't!
  • I recognized most of the songs.
  • The Dora story was a nice touch for the younger kids.
  • I liked how they introduced themselves using themes from Star Wars.
  • A favourite piece of mine was "What does the fox say?"
  • It was cool how they could just play a pop song by request (Shake it Off). 
Here are the answers to the 4th Grade Class:

Grade 4 Questions to Infinitus:
Have you traveled around the world?
-As a group, Infinitus has toured around North America.  Individually, we've all been to various places around the world.

Where did you attend School?
All three of us attended the University of Michigan, John also studied at the Peabody Conservatory, and Alex & Anthony studied a bit at the University of British Columbia.

Can you play the theme from Little Einsteins?
-Yes.  We're often asked to play that particular request.

Can you play with your eyes closed?
-Yes.  In fact, there are times where playing with our eyes closed is preferable!

Take care and God Bless!


Teacher Comments:

Thank you to Mrs. Martin for organizing the Strings Presentation today. It was a great way to spend an hour. Also thank you to all the teachers. Your students were so well behaved and engaged.
Marilyn Nasse
Vice Principal, St. Brigid School

I just wanted to thank you for the presentation today. It was awesome! I loved every minute of it, and my students who were there, seemed to really enjoy it.
Kelly Ellis
ES2 Elementary Teacher

This truly was an amazing presentation. These award-winning musicians from Vancouver entertained us using their unique style and upbeat delivery using only a violin, a viola and a cello. Favorite pieces of mine were: The Flight of the Bumblebee, Harry Potter Theme and a Star Wars Medley that they used to introduce themselves. I also enjoyed how they incorporated music concepts such as: Theme and variations, dynamics and tempo. 
Mrs. Martin
Music Teacher

If you are looking for information about Infinitus and/or how to purchase their CDS, please check out their website at

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